Dependent Care Account

What is a Dependent Care Account?

A Dependent Care Account (DCA) allows you to be reimbursed a maximum of $5000 (or $2,500 for married-filing separate) on a pre-tax basis for child care or adult dependent care expenses for qualified dependents that are necessary to allow you or your spouse to work, look for work, or attend school full-time.

Your DCA can be used to reimburse you with pre-tax dollars if the expenses for your dependents meet the IRS definition of dependent care expenses for income tax purposes. An adult (e.g., parent, grandparent, and adult disabled child) may qualify as a dependent if you are providing more than half of that person's care for the year.

Claims Processing

Healthy Dollars works with employees to ensure they are set up for the continual reimbursement with direct deposit if eligible. This process eliminates the need to submit claims throughout the year and provides a single claim form that can be completed annually. Click here to access the Dependent Care Account Form.